Classic Carb Cap Dabber


Our Classic Carb Cab Dabber! Perfect over your dome-less QuartzCastle bowl! Hand crafted in Washington State!

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Our carb caps help restrict the flow of air over the surface of the concentrate while it is being vaporized. This helps regulate the temperature of the concentrate, as well as improve the flavor and vapor production of the dab.

There are several benefits to using a carb cap when dabbing:

  1. Improved flavor: By restricting the flow of air over the surface of the concentrate, a carb cap can help to improve the flavor of the dab by preventing the vapor from dissipating too quickly.
  2. Better vapor production: A carb cap can help to create a more efficient vaporization process by allowing the concentrate to reach a higher temperature before it vaporizes. This can result in a thicker, more flavorful vapor.
  3. More efficient use of concentrate: By regulating the temperature and airflow during the dabbing process, a carb cap can help to ensure that all of the concentrate is vaporized, rather than being wasted.
  4. Enhanced control: Using a carb cap gives you more control over the dabbing process, allowing you to fine-tune the temperature and airflow to suit your preferences.

In summary, a carb cap can enhance the flavor and vapor production of your dabs, while also helping you to use your concentrate more efficiently and giving you greater control over the dabbing process.


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